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I requested a deep tissue massage for 90 minutes. The atmosphere was very calming and relaxing. He was very knowledgeable and went over forms with you. This was my first deep tissue massage were I had felt that it got all my knots and kinks out. What made this experience even better is the intelligent conversation with him. Not only did I get a great massage I also had great company along with it. I would recommend seeing him. It truly was fantastic all around.

Kari. E

Thank you sooooo much Charles! The hot stone massage you gave me, was more than just an amazing experience, it was incredible!!! I am still enjoying the relaxing effects of it today! I feel restored! I think of myself as a relaxed, fun and happy person. It had been years since I had allowed myself the luxury of a massage. I was really surprised to find I had been living with and accepting as normal, extreme tension, aches and pains. To have all of that massaged away, with beautiful smelling oils and hot stones was just bliss... A heavenly experience!!! Thanks again Charles, you’re the best!!!

Erin. B.

I love, love, love massages and this was quite possibly the best I have ever had.  My muscles were basically Jell-O by the time the massage was done (I would not recommend scheduling this treatment if you need to accomplish anything other than falling into bed after).  The lavender aromatherapy products had a clean, relaxing scent.  I'll definitely be going back to Hannington Massage the next time I need some major relaxation.

Antoinette B.

So happy I found this place! Great location and amazing massage! My body has been so tense from stress and working out and needed to have some TLC! My fiancé bought me a massage as a gift and I went in last week and I can happily say that I am still feeling amazing after this massage. I can't wait to go back for more! Thank you!

Casey M.

I never expected to come out of a massage feeling as great as I did for the next few weeks. When I first went I was wound up and was tight all over from stress and working out too hard at the gym. Charles was the therapist that was available at the time and quickly examined me and zeroed in on all the really bad and sore spots immediately. I was quickly impressed. Right away I knew he knew what he was doing and never enjoyed a treatment that much before. He has a keen intuition and one of the best set of hands.

I get massages a lot. It's my vice and I can honestly say that he gives the best massage I've ever had. He does fantastic firm neck work getting to all those places you wish other therapists would spend more time on. If you like a deep, firm massage you have to go see him, cause not only does he know how to work but he is also able to put you at ease with his warming and soothing personality.

Maria M.

BEST MASSAGE EVER!!! a girlfriend of mine recommended this place to me one time and since I live so close to TCU I thought I would give it a try.

Now, to look at this place you wouldn't think such skilled and wonderful therapists would work here. The lobby area is just ok, the decor is clearly not 5-star caliber and there are definitely no bells and whistles.

BUT by the end of the session, the decor become almost charming....like a mom and pop restaurant with the best sushi.

I arrived earlier to the appointment as the receptionist had recommended. The massage table felt sooooo nice..... warmed up my muscles and made me relax.

Now for the massage! I had Charles as my massage therapist and WOW!!! does he know what he is doing!! The pressure was perfect, not too light, but also not trying to break me either and he knew exactly where I needed the most work and he worked my knots right out. The hot stones were great and just melted the tension out of my muscles. Ahhh so good. Charles is very professional and just wonderful. I felt like it was almost impossible to float home afterwards:)

Seriously, no joke...BEST massage of my life!!

Betty G.